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T.R.D. Instrum Ltd. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…T.R.D. Instrum Ltd. (TRD) is engaged in developing, marketing and manufacture of dental products. Its main products include: OrbO, Guttacut and smartlite. OrbO is a light source which is used to illuminate the oral cavity, it is weightless handsfree device. Guttacut is a device for fast hot cutting of gutta-percha… more

Synopsis Ltd. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Synopsis Ltd. (Synopsis) is an Israel-based health care services company. Synopsis provides services through its subsidiaries namely M.R.V Health Clinic Atzmaut Ltd., Medical-Care Towers Ltd., and M.R.V. Health Clinic (1996) Ltd. The company owns and operates health care centers, hospitals and medical clinics. Its hospitals and health clinics provides services… more

China-Biotics, Inc. (CHBT) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…China-Biotics Inc. (China-Biotics) is a pharmaceutical company. The company supplies probiotic products. China-Biotics’s probiotic products include Shinning Probiotics Protein Powder, Shinning intestine and liver protection capsule, Shining Essence, Shining Golden Shield, Shining probiotics bifidobacterium longum powder, bifidobacterium breve powder, lactobacillus caseisubsp casei powder, bifidobacterium bifidum powder, lactobacillus reuteri powder, bifidobacterium… more

Astek Group Plc - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Astek Group plc (Astek) is engaged in the manufacture and supply of dental products and dental consumables. It also produces and sells generic dental consumables. Its product portfolio includes impression syringe, Pro-tip plus, Alma products, Pegasus products, clear view products. The company's subsidiary Astek Innovations distributes impression material manufactured by… more

CytoTools AG (T5O) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…CytoTools AG (CytoTools) is an investment holding company, primarily focused in the technology sector. The company develops new therapies and medical products for wound healing, urinary tract infections, and cardiovascular disease. Its products include DermaPro for Diabetic foot ulcer; DermaPro for Venous leg ulcer; DermaPro Pep04 for burns; CardioClean for… more

Probiotec Limited (PBP) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Probiotec Limited (Probiotec) is a pharmaceutical company. The company manufactures, markets and distributes prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, complementary medicines and specialty ingredients. Its products include weight management, skin care and animal nutrition products. Probiotec markets products under brand names, Gold Cross, Celebrity Slim, David Craig, Redbak, Impromy, Milton, Black Widow… more

BenQ Medical Technology Corporation (4116) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…BenQ Medical Technology Corporation (BMTC) is a medical equipment company. The company manufactures and supplies medical consumables and equipment for medical institutions around the world. Its products include operating tables, gynecology tables, halogen exam light, new generation of surgical light, Dr. lite series and trilite LS 800 series. BMTC's products… more

GenMont Biotech Inc. (3164) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…GenMont Biotech Inc. (GenMont) is a biotechnology company. The company develops, manufactures and sells functional probiotics. Its products include Probiotics ADR-1, Probiotics AAP-1, Probiotics GM020, Probiotics DHA-1/DHC-1/DHS-1, Probiotics CLR-1, Probiotics ARA-1, Probiotics AHP-1, Probiotics VGA-1, Probiotics HPR-1, and Probiotics ADP-1. Its products prevents tumors and cancers; inhibits the infection of… more

Bionet Corp. (1784) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…BIONET Corp. (BIONET) is a pharmaceutical service provider. The company provides cord blood private banking service in Taiwan. BIONET’s products include cord blood, mesenchymal stem cells, dental stem cells, and peripheral blood stem cells. It offers prenatal testing for down syndrome, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, Genesis-24 pre-implantation genetic screening services, down… more

Level Biotechnology Inc. (3118) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Level Biotechnology Inc. (LBI) is a biotechnology company. The company markets and distributes cell culture, molecular biology products, immunology and biomedical precision equipments. Its products and services include preclinical testing service, mammalian toxicology, genetic toxicology, pharmacology, and biocompatibility. LBI carries out preclinical research needs of the biotech, pharmaceutical, animal health… more

Center Laboratories, Inc. (4123) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Center Laboratories, Inc. (Center Laboratories) is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. The company develops, manufactures and markets liquid oral drugs for the healthcare markets. Its products include bechic medicines, expectorants, bronchial tube extenders, antiallergic agents, antipyrotics and pain-killers, digestive tract drugs, antiemetics and antidiarrhoeals, narcotic antitussives, non-narcotic antitussive agents, expectorant… more

Asiri Surgical Hospital PLC (AMSL.N0000) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Asiri Surgical Hospital PLC (Asiri Surgical Hospital) is a healthcare service provider. The hospital offers services and treatments using medical technology. It offers services in the areas of housekeeping and laundry services, general surgery, paediatric and neonatal care, ENT care, dental care, emergency care, radiology, nuclear medicine, genetic services, in… more

Hokuyaku Takeyama Holdings, Inc. (3055) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…HOKUYAKU TAKEYAMA Holdings, Inc. (HTH) is a holding company based in Japan. It operates through five segments, namely, Pharmaceutical Product, Medical Equipment, Pharmacy, Nursing Care, and Other Businesses. The Pharmaceutical Product segment engages in the wholesale of pharmaceutical products for medical, general, agricultural, and livestock use. It also provides manpower… more

Sagittarius Life Science Corp. (3205) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Sagittarius Life Science Corp. (SLSC) is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and production of herbal therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, osteoporosis, wound healing and angiogenesis. The company's development pipeline includes ST188L, a immune booster for the treatment of cancer and hepatitis B; SO101C, an anti-ageing agent… more

Syn-Tech Chem. & Pharm. Co., Ltd. (1777) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Syn-Tech Chem. & Pharm. Co., Ltd. (Syn-Tech) is a pharmaceutical company. The company manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical raw materials and other medical vaccines. Its products include phenylephrine HCl, amisulpride, articaine, clofibrate, cloperastine HCl, crotamiton, diclofenac diethylamine, diclofenac epolamine, diclofenac potassium, diclofenac sodium, eperisone HCl, orciprenaline sulfate, nicametate citrate, metoprolol succinate… more

SCI Pharmtech, Inc. (4119) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…SCI Pharmtech, Inc. (SCI) is a pharmaceutical company. The company develops, manufactures and markets APIs, advanced intermediates, and custom products. Its APIs include allopurinol, amobarbital, probucol, pentobarbital sodium, thiopental, valproic acid, sodium valproate, divalproex sodium, bisoprolol hemifumarate and propafenone. SCI offers intermediates, such as diethyl dipropylmalonate, benzylmalonic acid diethyl ester… more

Genovate Biotechnology Co., LTD. (4130) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Genovate Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (GBL) is a pharmaceutical company. The company carries out new drug and new formulation development, and undertakes cGMP drug manufacturing, product registration, clinical trials, drug marketing and distribution. It offers products such as antimicrobials and anticancer drugs, besides drugs for blood system, nervous system, urinary system… more

Ocean Bright Co., Ltd. (3266) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Ocean Bright Co., Ltd. (Ocean Bright) is a Taiwan based drug manufacturing company. The company is principally engaged in research, development and production of pharmaceutical and related products. The product portfolio consists of flucloxin, genetaxyl, elmiron, migoff, as well as ferrum chewable drops and ferrum hausmann chewable tablets. The company… more

Biosensor Applications Sweden AB (BIAP A) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Biosensor Applications Sweden AB (Biosensor AB) is a biotechnology company. The company develops, markets, and manufactures drug and explosive detection equipment. Its products include BIOSENS 300 and BIOSENS 600. Biosensor AB offers collection devices, such as collection pads, oral collector and software. The company’s BIOSENS 300 is used for detection… more

Avonova Sverige AB - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Avonova Sverige AB (AVON) is a healthcare service provider. The organization provides healthcare services to patients and clients. Its services include prophylactic services, work management solutions, rehabilitation, education areas for companies, managers, employees, and individuals. AVON’s services in health development include systematic health work, health leadership, health coaching, and profile… more

Nang Kuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (1752) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Nang Kuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Nang Kuang) is a pharmaceutical company. It undertakes the production of injectables. The company’s product portfolio includes products such as large volume parenterals (LVP; PP-soft bag), lyophilized injection, aseptic parenterals (ampoule, vial), pre-filled syringe, tablets, capsules, topical products and oral suspensions, among others. Its products… more

Tien Liang BioTech Co., Ltd. (4127) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Tien Liang BioTech Co., Ltd. (Tien Liang BioTech) is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the production and marketing of chemicals, pharmaceutical and Chinese herbs. The company offers products for the treatment of intestinal track disease, osteoporosis, eye drops, cholesterin content, angiosclerosis and hepatic diseases. It also provides OTC products for… more

Pinnacle Staffing Group plc - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Pinnacle Staffing Group plc (Pinnacle Staffing) is a contract service provider engaged in providing recruitment services for the health sector through its agencies. The company employs nurses, doctors, biomedical scientists, physiologists, dieticians, healthcare assistants, pharmacists, physiotherapists, radiographers and chiropodists. The company also provides international recruitment service. In addition, Pinnacle staffing… more

Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries (HPIC) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries (HPI) is a pharmaceutical company. The company manufactures and distributes a range of general pharmaceutical products to the healthcare industry. It offers anti-microbials, gynecological and dermatological, gastrointestinal, antihypertensives and vasoactive products, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antirheumatics and analgesics, neurological and psychiatric, respiratory, highly-specific and licensed products. HPI’s… more

Al-Bilad Medical Services Co. (ABMS) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review…Al-Bilad Medical Services Co. (Al-Bilad Medical) is an integrated health service offering company. The company owns and operates the Istiklal Hospital in Amman. Al-Bilad mainly invests in the medical and commercial sectors, establishes and manages hospitals and healthcare facilities, and trades in medical equipment both domestically and internationally. The company's… more

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