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Wood Coatings Market in Europe 2015-2019About Wood Coatings Coatings used on wooden substrates are commonly called wood coatings. Wood coatings may be formulated using various types of resins such as acrylic, amino, polyester, polyurethane, and nitrocellulose. However, the market may be broadly classified into four based on coating technologies: solvent-borne, water-borne, radiation-cure, and powder coatings… more

Travel and Business Bags Market in Japan 2015-2019About Travel and Business Bags Market in Japan The travel and business bags market in Japan is witnessing a great demand owing to increased travel and tourism activities, and rising number of business travelers. People are increasingly seeking stylish and convenient travel bags suiting their personality and purpose. The changing… more

Travel and Business Bags Market in China 2015-2019About Travel and Business Bags Market in China A rise in demand for trolley bags, as a consequence of increased travel and tourism activities, and the rising number of business travellers are driving the travel and business bags market in China. Rapid urbanization has contributed to improved living standard in… more

Travel and Business Bags Market in Brazil 2015-2019About Travel and Business Bags Market in Brazil Rising demand for trolley bags, an increase in travel arrivals and activities, and a rise in the number of business travelers are factors driving the demand for travel and business bags. Brazil’s changing political, economic, and social environment, and a growing e-commerce… more

Tobacco Market in Saudi Arabia 2015-2019About Tobacco and Tobacco Market in Saudi Arabia Tobacco comprises four major products: cigarettes, cigars, smoking tobacco, and smokeless tobacco. Rising smoking prevalence coupled with the growing disposable income and an increase in the number of female smokers fuels the growth of the tobacco market in Saudi Arabia. However, increased… more

Quick Service Restaurant Market in the US 2015-2019About Quick Service Restaurant Market in US The quick service restaurant concept in the US means that food is served with no or minimal table service, no crockery and cutlery, and minimal ambience. The quick service restaurant market in the US spends more money on advertisements than casual dining restaurants… more

Natural and Organic Personal Care Products Market in Europe 2015-2019About Natural and Organic Personal Care Natural and organic personal care market in Europe comprises skin care, hair care, and make-up products. Although the terms natural and organic are often used interchangeably, yet they do not mean same. Natural products are derived from plants and minerals, which are sourced from… more

Metal Working Fluids Market in APAC 2015-2019About MWF MWF are lubricating oils used to cool metallic work pieces when they are subject to industrial processes, such as machining, grinding, milling, stamping, and forging. MWF are added during the aforementioned and other industrial processes to reduce heat and friction between the cutting or machining tools and work… more

Global Rum Market 2015-2019About Rum Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made through the process of fermentation and distillation. Rum is generally made from the by-products of sugarcane. The economic prosperity has pushed the sales of premium rum brands across the globe. Technavio's analysts forecast the global rum market to grow at a… more

Global Potash Market 2015-2019About Potash Potash is one of the most basic of plant nutrients, along with nitrogen and phosphate. With no direct substitute, potash is widely used in the production of fertilizers. The majority of potash is extracted from ancient underground evaporites. Another source is the brine from landlocked water bodies such… more

Global Polymer Based Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) Market 2015-2019About Polymer-based TIM TIM are materials used for supporting heat sink to remove heat from the heat sources in various equipment. They are generally used in the form of a secondary thermally conductive material to replace the thermally insulating air between the two surfaces. Besides helping in the efficient transfer… more

Global Phytosterols Market 2015-2019About Phytosterols Phytosterols as the name implies are derived from plants. Phytosterols include plant sterols and plant stanols. These are steroid like compounds and resemble the chemical structure of cholesterols. The only differentiator is the presence of a double bond in the carbon side chain. The global phytosterols market has… more

Global Packaging Coatings Market 2015-2019About Packaging Coatings Packaging coatings play a very significant role in transportation, warehousing, logistics, sales, and end use. Apart from providing convenience to customers, packaging coatings also play a major role in the aesthetic appeal of products. Vendors produce packaging materials using sustainable, renewable, and recyclable raw materials. These include… more

Global OSDF Excipients Market 2015-2019About OSDF Excipients OSDF excipients are chemical compounds that are added along with API and other chemicals during the manufacture of a drug. The sole purpose of the excipients is to hold the components together in the different forms of oral dosage. Sometimes, these excipients also act as drug releasers… more

Global Organic Mattress Market 2015-2019About Organic Mattress Sleep is an important part of daily life, and proper sleep is essential for good health. It is very necessary to have good mattresses to have a nice good-night sleep. Comfort, quality, lifespan, support, and warranty are the main factors that people look for when buying a… more

Global Organic Food and Beverages Market 2015-2019About Organic Food and Beverages Organic food and beverages are products produced using organic farming. As the name suggests, organic farming uses only natural and biological processes and raw materials. Organic farming involves the use of organic enhancers that are not harmful. Organic food and beverages do not use unnatural… more

Global Oleochemicals Market 2015-2019About Oleochemicals Oleochemicals are chemical compounds derived from bio-based resources such as plant and animal fats. They are similar to petrochemicals with advantages that these are pollution free, biodegradable, and low on toxic levels. They are used in the production of lubricants, biodiesel, and bioplastics. Technavio's analysts forecast the global… more

Global Nitrogenous Fertilizer Market 2015-2019About Nitrogenous Fertilizer Nitrogen is a vital component of plant proteins. While it is present abundantly in the Earth's atmosphere, several plants are incapable of converting them into a form they can use. Hence, nitrogenous fertilizers are used to provide nutrition and enhance growth, color, and texture of crops. The… more

Global Intragastric Balloons Market 2015-2019About Intragastric Balloon Obesity is a medical condition associated with the accumulation of excess fat. A person with a body mass index of 30 or more is considered obese. According to the WHO, more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and above were overweight in 2014. Worldwide there are… more

Global Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Market 2015-2019About ITO ITO is a blend of indium oxide and tin oxide in a ratio of 9:1 by weight. ITO is colourless and transparent when applied in thin layers, however, in bulk, it is yellowish grey in colour. ITO accounts for approximately 97% of the global transparent conductive film market… more

Global Hand Sanitizer Market 2015-2019About Hand Sanitizers Hand sanitizers, also known as hand antiseptic, are alternatives to soap and water. They are available in many forms such as gel, foam, and liquid. The major active ingredients used in hand sanitizers are isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, and n-propanol. Some of the inactive ingredients used in hand… more

Global Hair Conditioner Market 2015-2019About Hair Conditioners The global hair conditioner market is dominated by the nonprofessional hair conditioner segment. It is expected to grow steadily during the forecast period, with increased demand from the men’s category. Vendors are providing customised solutions for hair problems and customers are ready to spend on high-quality products… more

Global Food Enzyme Market 2015-2019About Food Enzymes Food enzymes are catalysts of biochemical reactions that break down complex starch, fat, and large protein molecules into smaller units. They are derived from various sources such as plant tissue, animal tissue, and microorganisms. They are widely used in food and beverage products to aid digestive and… more

Global Fibromyalgia Drugs Market 2015-2019About Fibromyalgia According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, fibromyalgia is a syndrome with an unknown cause and chronic pain and muscle tenderness as the major symptoms. Unlike arthritis, it does not cause joint, muscle or other tissue inflammation. However, fibromyalgia is known to cause… more

Global EEG/EMG Equipment Market 2015-2019About EEG and EMG Equipment EEG and EMG equipment are used to monitor and record electrical activity in the brain and muscles, respectively. The most important clinical use of EEG is in the diagnosis of epilepsy. It is also used to diagnose brain dysfunction, sleep disorders, dementia, coma, and brain… more

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